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      Chaoyang Bowen Machine Tool Co.,Ltd is quondam chaoyang Machine Tool Factory,which established in 1965 and transformed into the congregation of scientific researches、design、manufacture、and Sales of professional vertical grinding machical force and a complete quality ISO9001:2000 assurance system in production.Casting production line with annual output of 10000T resin sand assures the quality of parts and appearance.The main products:vertical surface grinding machine with round table,vertical mould grinding machine with round table,Vertical CNC Curve Grinding Machine,Vertical CNC Internal Grinding Machine,Vertical CNC Universal Grinding Machine,Travelling head grinder,Vetical lathe,Vertical CNC lathe in total Four series and more than 50 different kinds of machines,which are very popular among the users at home and abroad.Chanyang Bowen Machine Tool Co.,Ltd will be just as in the past,follow the managerial principle"Customer first,Credeit(the)first,sincerely cooperate collaborative development",We will make progress together and create brilliance with all linds of friends.
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